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Covid Pandemic is Over

The Pandemic is over! WHO had declared the Covid 19 pandemic to be over. Great! We can now forget about the past three gruelling years of health and social and economic challenges...

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It is time to pause and reflect on our covid 19 strategy I am a retired scientist, I am pro-vaccine, I had my 2 shots and a booster and am grateful for that. Still, looking back at the last two years of the pandemic I am uneasy...

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Putin’s War

Putin’s war against Ukraine; STOP the war!.

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War – Ukraine

A call for a territorial compromise in the Ukraine war We in the West are horrified by the brutal and unjust war that Russia had launched against Ukraine and support Ukraine militarily and economically...

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Hamas - Israel War

Israel is facing loud and widespread criticism for its assault, bombing, destruction and the loss of Palestinian civilian lives, including thousands of children and women. I too am troubled by Israeli bombing and the indiscriminate loss of life of Gaza's ...

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What is Life

What is Life’ – a concise Summary of E. Shrodinger’s book, including my comments. I think Shrödinger is saying that life and the life processes that support life are deterministic. By that, he means non-random, mechanical in the sense that life and the life-supporting processes (such as metabolism) are processes that are ordered, reproducible and machine-like...

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