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Edu-Multimedia specializes in educational multimedia titles. All titles are free. Please check the Gallery to review and download the titles that you find useful. You are welcome to check the posts on my blog and leave a comment.
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Welcome to Edu-multimedia

You will find here creatives on various topics. Creatives on biology, cell organelles and immune system, creatives about climate change, planetary history, big history and summaries of some important books or chapters. For example a chapter in S. Hawkins book ‘Brief Answers to Big Questions’ or Noam Chomsky’s book and lecture on ‘Internationalism or Extinction’, ‘Therefore Choose Life’, presented by Nobel price laureate George Wald or R. Deibert’s book ‘Reset Reclaim Internet for Civil Society’ . I have also posted creatives inspired by Yuval Harari’s articles about the Covid pandemic, and a few other topics including posting on Vaccine strategy and War in Ukraine.

What is a creative? I believe the term was coined by google to represent the creation of online content. My creatives are a mix of textual information, graphics, videos and animations. All are free to download, my contribution to our collective learning, and constitute informed and current information often coupled with engaging multimedia content. Some include links to additional online information, comments and questions. Most creatives can be downloaded as a ZIP file which has to be opened and installed by a setup file that is included. I am in a process of converting some of the creatives to web pages so they can be viewed online, whithout the need to download.

I hope you will find a creative that sparks your interest. Please spread the word, share and contribute to our collective learning.

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